HMM so what is new

- school starts a week from today and I have NO information about my classes because my degree is great like that.

- I’ve been working my butt off on this photography thing and have basically made no money from it, despite the feedback / continuous requests and new bookings.

- rent. lovely.

- finding a new dog-friendly rental. also lovely.

- offered two jobs and haven’t heard from either of them in over a month despite attempted contact

Anonymous: your entire tumblr and life make me violently jealous :(


about an hour ago I sold my bed, mattress, desk, lamps, armoire, and a hell of a lot of clothes because I can’t afford my student loans, and found out I can’t accept an abroad program because of said loans. I’m literally moving into my new apartment with a sleeping bag.

tumblr is manicured. don’t waste time and your own beautiful life wishing for others’.

apart from photography purposes i’ve been away for a while… first post i see when i come back is this.

this right here is why i’ve been staying away from social media so much lately…