To be honest, I’m getting very nervous about this next semester coming up. It’s prettu much like starting over… all new class mates, new people to live with, new place to live in. It would be different if there was at least something familiar to hold on to.

Who knows. I guess the nerves are just kicking in finally.

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I’ll help you move in!

Ah jillian you are a lovely lady =) Thank you so much! I’ll text you when I’m home and we can talk more then! (Also where did your personal blog go?! how am i suppose to stalk you now?! ;P )

I got into residence!!!

Was so nervous, but I got in! I thought I applied too late and was told there was a chance I wouldn’t get it. But thankfully, I got in <3 4 bedroom, so lots of new people to meet. not sure which building yet, I’ll have to call for tomorrow =) AHHHHHHH. someone say something. I’m freaking out and so excited. Shit son. My life completely just changed around… very few people know what this means for me =’)