The Year of Me

Its starting September 1st. A new commitment… to good ol’ me.

-No more working jobs where managers/ people treat me like crap 24/7
-No more living out of a suitcase like I have the past 4 years it seems
-No more putting the stresses of others before my own personal health

… And just overall treating myself better. I want to become more forgiving of myself… to be proud of everything I’ve accomplished in my adult life thus far (Which is surprisingly a lot.)
I want to be a healthy strong individual. More time with friends, more time treating myself with exercise, hobbies, organizing time for quiet study (school and personal knowledge) and overall just attempting to put myself first for once, as this is something I’ve continuously failed to do over the past few years.

Because honestly the life of a nursing student could mentally kill a girl. So I’m setting aside these last two semesters to try and save what little I feel I’ve got left.

Just spent half an hour writing out a rant about how horrible my day was.. Only for my computer to delete the post magically before I hit submit.

Doneeeee .

HMM so what is new

- school starts a week from today and I have NO information about my classes because my degree is great like that.

- I’ve been working my butt off on this photography thing and have basically made no money from it, despite the feedback / continuous requests and new bookings.

- rent. lovely.

- finding a new dog-friendly rental. also lovely.

- offered two jobs and haven’t heard from either of them in over a month despite attempted contact

your entire tumblr and life make me violently jealous :(


about an hour ago I sold my bed, mattress, desk, lamps, armoire, and a hell of a lot of clothes because I can’t afford my student loans, and found out I can’t accept an abroad program because of said loans. I’m literally moving into my new apartment with a sleeping bag.

tumblr is manicured. don’t waste time and your own beautiful life wishing for others’.

apart from photography purposes i’ve been away for a while… first post i see when i come back is this.

this right here is why i’ve been staying away from social media so much lately…