Also… Today was one of those days where I was just done with everything… No hope in anything for the past few days. And this horrible mind set had me wanting to rage quit all my problems and sleep for 5 days straight… When my wonderful man wakes me up with flowers and goodies out of you blue. It’s funny how the tiniest things cure my crazy head.
But I’ll take it.

I’ve decided to fill my room with a shit load of plants tomorrow. It’s gunna happen. If I don’t have time to go to nature, nature’s gunna stick right here with me.

Today was horrible.
But it was just a day.
Tomorrow will be better..

Actually tomorrow will be as much fucking awesome as can possibly be packed into 24 hours a because I’m doing CRAZY things to my hair in the morning, getting a matching tattoo with my sis and another tattoo for myself potentially after that, followed by getting drunk as seeing “said the whale” in concert at ufest.
Now for eating good food accompanied by movie/cuddles until tomorrow comes.

I just need a friend to sit around with on sunny days outside, listening to fleet foxes, doing crafty things, and talk about life without having to worry about shit. Someone that attempts to make plans with me as much as I do.

Live like the lotus… At ease in muddy water 🌿