Needing some serious good vibes (along with a new brain as mine is mush) for tomorrow’s final exam… So much riding on this test.

but really. Dont think i’ve every been so happy as to have broken down and cried like i did tonight…


You might not think it would make a difference, but take some time to reach out to an old friend every once in a while. You never know how bad they might need it.

A Little Running Journal.
Well hello lovely friends and followers! Long time since I did a journal entry on my tumblr.

So whats new in my life?

New year, new semester of seniors health (third year nursing has been a pain in the ass), my family moved back to calgary this weekend, my boyfriend moved to saskatchewan (temporarily?) last weekend, and I am slowwwly pulling my life back together.

My goals for this year have been to take things one step at a time with an eye on the future. I’m entering my second week of running today and I’m feeling great about it. Im also starting a rock-climbing class tonight, which should teach me the basics and help me get back in to the rhythm of running and cross-training. So far this year I’ve been running every other day, and doing a different activity on the off days (ie: yoga, swimming, cycling, looonggg walks etc.)

Last week was a bit rough with the boy moving away, but I find running really helps me keep my head on straight and I can’t wait to be at the point where I can just go run 5k a day and enjoy it.

I hope to be adding little weekly running journals to my tumblr along with my weekly photography pieces that have been littering my tumblr for the past few weeks… (If you’d like to see more, follow my photography blogpleiadesremember!)

My progress will be tracked with the tag “#ChanelRuns” from now on if your interested in seeing how it’s going. 

And thats about it! Blogging my program again for myself below so I remember =)


This running plan is from a book by Kara Goucher (olympic runner) and she calls it.. “The World’s Simplest Beginner Running Plan”. I’m reposting this for myself (once again) as a healthy reminder to keep up my hard work! I’m on week 2 as of today!


The basics: 3 times a week, and one rest day in between each run (at least). I do a 5 min warm up and cool down by walking.

Week 1: Run 1 minute, walk 90 seconds. Repeat 8 times.

Week 2: Run 2 minutes, walk 1 minute. Repeat 7 times.

Week 3: Run 4 minutes, walk 1 minute. Repeat 6 times.

Week 4: Run 6 minutes, walk 2 minutes. Repeat 4 times.

Week 5: Run 9 minutes, walk 2 minutes. Repeat 3 times.

Week 6: Run 12 minutes, walk 1 minute. Repeat 3 times.

Week 7: Run 15 minutes, walk 1 minute, Run 15 minutes.

Week 8: Run 30 minutes continuously.

Wish me luck.

Sometimes I get ridiculously happy at the thought that I’m only 21….. I have an entire lifetime ahead of me to travel the world and see everythingggg, do everything, be anything. Sometimes I get sad when I see people have accomplished so much with their personal running/yoga practices.. and then I remember that I have YEARS and years to do the same. And it all starts with tomorrow.

19 signs you’re doing better than you think…

Even in uncertain times, it’s always important to keep things in perspective.

True wealth is the ability to fully experience life.
- Henry David Thoreau

  1. You are alive.
  2. You are able to see the sunrise and the sunset.
  3. You are able to hear birds sing and waves crash.
  4. You can walk outside and feel the breeze through your hair and the sun’s warmth on your skin.
  5. You have tasted the sweetness of chocolate cake.
  6. You didn’t go to sleep hungry last night.
  7. You awoke this morning with a roof over your head.
  8. You had a choice of what clothes to wear.
  9. You haven’t feared for your life today.
  10. You have overcome some considerable obstacles, and you have learnedand survived.
  11. You often worry about what you’re going to do with your life – your career, your family, the next step, etc. – which means you have ambition, passion, drive, and the freedom to make your own decisions.
  12. You live in a country that protects your basic human rights and civil liberties.
  13. You are reasonably strong and healthy – if you got sick today, you could recover.
  14. You have a friend or relative who misses you and looks forward to your next visit.
  15. You have someone with whom to reminisce about ‘the good old days.’
  16. You have access to clean drinking water.
  17. You have access to medical care.
  18. You have access to the Internet.
  19. You can read.

The truth is, you’re doing better than a lot of people in this world.  So remember to be grateful for all the things you do have.  (Read The Happiness Project.)

Thought it was important to share… Made me appreciate my life a little bit more today… hope it helps you do the same.

Time of a change.

As much as I fucking love my tumblr layout/theme etc It is time for a change… Need to bring back the workout/running motivation and the student nurse side of chanel’s blog. of course, the lovely images and yoga inspiration will still continue, but more personalized =)

Stay tuned friends.


trying to stop yourself from saying something you’ve been screaming in your head every second for the past few months is literally the hardest thing to do.

But we will wait, because that’s what we’re good at.

I hope.

I’m just hoping that this little bit of progress continues…

I’m hoping I’m not wrong in thinking that it pays to stay optimistic and patient, to be open-minded and trusting, caring and understanding.

I’ve done the best I could in this situation. All thats left to do is wait and see if things turn out for the better because of it. No-one can say I haven’t tried or done my part in this relationship. It’s a two-way street and I hope it stays that way.